Ed Dugan's Porsche 911 Weissach Edition   

Ed Dugan has done an incredible job keeping his original 911 Weissach Edition in factory condition, winning the preservation prize for his division at the 2002 Porsche Parade in Boise, Idaho.

He sent me some photos and graciously allowed me to put them on the web as a guide for Porsche enthusiasts. If you're working on your own Weissach Edition restoration, you'll find these photos very helpful as a guide.

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This exterior view does a good job of showing the actual color, known officially as "Pongee Beige Metallic." This metallic bronze color has a wonderful range, depending on the ambient light, and looks much lighter in bright sunlight as you can tell from the photo on the previous page. Note the color-matched wheels, a distinguishing characteristic of the Weissach Edition, as is the distinctive whaletail. The option number for the Weissach models was M439. A paint code plate on the left-hand front door pillar notes the special metallic finish.

Inside you can see the "Rust" red carpets and striping, along with interior finish nicely complementing the color of the car (officially called Doric Grey though it is really a beige tone). The interior of Ed's Weissach appears considerably lighter in tone than mine was. Ed has done a remarkable job of keeping this interior in factory-new condition. The interior of my Weissach Coupe wasn't nearly this clean.

Ed Dugan's engine compartment is a testament to his attention to detail. Though built using the 930 Turbo's body, the Weissach Edition has a standard Porsche 3.0 liter engine. Note the air conditioning compressor and condensor coil on the right (revised for the 1980 model year). This was the first year the SC wasn't fitted with an air injection pump, instead using an oxygen sensor linked to the exhaust to determine the amount of fuel needed for each injector. If you're considering buying a Weissach Edition, note that the chassis number must be somewhere in the range of 91AO140001-91AO144272, with an engine number of 6300001 onwards. In 1980 Porsche introduced a new numbering system. The first two digits (in this case 91) represented the model type (911). Next is the model year (A for 1980). The fourth item is the plant code (O). Then comes the last digit of the model type (1 for 911), followed by the engine code (4 for the US version 3-liter). the final four digits are the build number. In 1981 the 17-digit VIN number system was introduced, making 1980 the only year for this unusual 10-digit code.

One of the things I always found rather hilarious was the limited speedometer, required by US federal regulations because of the newly imposed 55mph national speed limit. This car could easily do 150mph, making the 85mph limit on the speedo unusual to say the least.

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The rare 911 Weissach edition

Ed Dugan's 911 Weissach